10 Amazing Things That Make Our Country’s Culture Unique

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Living in the United States is definitely interesting. You probably never thought of this point of view. I mean, I totally get it, oftentimes we’re so busy living our lives…who has the time to think about the things we only have in our own country?

But oddly enough, there are a couple of things that we Americans have, that can’t be found anywhere else in this world. That’s why I decided to steal a couple of minutes out of your time to make a quick checklist of all of our American habits we’re so proud of (or not).

And if you can think of any other American traits as well, can’t wait to hear your opinion in the comments section!

We Think BIG

While other countries would prefer being practical, compact, and concise, we LOVE large and luxurious. So, it comes as no surprise that we’re packed with enormous trucks and massive SUVs sitting around in parking lots.

Let’s be honest, Americans love their space, and for them, large IS more practical. This mentality of “thinking big” applies to American food as well.

Our restaurants invented LARGE portions. And it’s not uncommon for people to order an XXL meal and then take the leftovers home. Or, you can share it with your friends. Because if it’s one thing we love more than big meals, is sharing them with our loved ones!

We invented eating on the run

Most of us are always on the run. Maybe because we don’t know how to calculate our time, or because the city we live in is too big and busy.

Either way, it seems like we’re always running from one place to another, going to and from work, picking up our kids, running errands, or going out. Sometimes all these things take so much time, that we can’t even make time to eat.

And what do we do when we don’t have time to eat? We don’t make time, we make food on the run! You’ll always see Americans running around with coffee mugs, food packages, or to-go containers.

But we also invented take-out

Don’t worry! When it comes to food, we’re never too busy to eat, even if it seems like it! We’re either eating on the run or going out to eat.

Eating out isn’t only extremely convenient, but it’s also super fun. And if you think about it, dining out is a great opportunity for us to explore new combinations and food varieties.

Even in a small American city, you’re very likely to find pizza, Chinese, Japanese, or Mexican food. Even more, in bigger cities, you’ll find Afghani, Ethiopian, and Brazilian cuisine that you’ll enjoy so much, you’ll never want to eat at home again!

our country
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We’re definitely Sports fanatics

And speaking of running around, we love sports, especially football, baseball, and basketball. I mean, we invented the Super Bowl!

You probably never noticed, but a big difference between other countries and America is that we’re not so thrilled about soccer, not the way we are about football.

Sports can unite or divide us, and that’s a fact. I mean, when it comes time for a football or basketball season, you’ve probably seen your coworkers getting into spirited debates many times, especially on subjects like whose team is better.

And one more thing…remember that back in 2017, over 100 million Americans watched the Super Bowl!

We also love competition

We thrive on competition. Ever since we were young, we learned to work hard and try as much as possible to succeed, especially when it came to academics, sports, and any of our hobbies.

Universities are extremely competitive, but we also have some of the best in the world! Our parents prepare us to succeed in anything we might want to achieve.

There are high schools and even pre-schools with very competitive admissions, not to mention Girl Scouts that are encouraged to sell as many cookies as possible to earn great prizes! We thrive on this attitude, we’re made for it.

We invented Political correctness

As our country is extremely diverse, there is this general practice of always respecting other cultures and people’s differences (or at least trying), especially if we’re talking about communicating and expressing our ideas.

As time went by, our history filled with atrocious mistakes, that we now deeply regret and carry on with us.

But we now try to avoid using words or expressions that might harm others, or that might offend other people, no matter the company we have. Even if we work, live, or go out with people of different ages, genders, and races, we try to be as politically correct as possible.

The parents of small talk

Many of us have a weird habit when we have to sit in line somewhere, and that is making small talk. That’s basically having conversations with people you don’t know about non-controversial stuff, such as the weather, sports, or popular shows on television.

While we wait, we like to talk, apparently. “Did you watch the Super Bowl? What did you think of the game?” Funny enough, sometimes this small talk can take us very far, as we might even meet someone we actually find nice.

But remember, small talk is supposed to be harmless, so make sure you don’t engage in a conversation where you feel uncomfortable!

We have independence written


The idea of being self-sufficient is deeply rooted in our American values. Many of us left home for extended periods of time when we were adolescents, either to go to a summer camp or to travel.

And after finishing secondary school, many Americans go to colleges and universities outside their home city. Or even as far as possible from it.

College students are used to living on their own or in residence halls with other peers of their age, and many of them move away after they graduate.

After 18 years old, most Americans will no longer live at home with their families, and they’ll only come to visit. But this is the natural way of life.

We learned to love the diversity

America is like a melting pot because so many people come here from so many different backgrounds and cultures! There’s such a variety of beliefs, and traditions, that we learn something new each and every day!

That’s why I think it’s safe to say that there isn’t such a thing as a typical American, and that’s what makes this place so beautiful. Culture varies from region to region and from family to family.

You might be invited to a BBQ in California, and it might be just grilling on the beach, but in Texas, it could be a barbecue competition in the park.

We speak up

I think it’s safe to say that we’ve learned how to speak up and go after what we want. This applies even more at the workplace, as we’re not afraid to speak our minds.

While some of us might have a supervisor that’s also our superior and should always be treated with respect, it’s only fair that we don’t hold back and ask for what we want.

I mean, we’re the ones who invented the Fifth Amendment! And I personally believe that’s something we should be proud of. We always speak our minds, and we make sure we are heard.

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