Queen Elizabeth II’s Fashion: 6 Things to Know About Her Iconic and Great Style

Photo by Shaun Jeffers from shutterstock.com

Can fashion be political or diplomatic?


Many people think that fashion has nothing to do with some of the most important aspects of life, such as communication, politics, diplomacy, or even royalty. But some of the most popular public figures have proved us wrong throughout the years.

For instance, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis was one of the women who used fashion to their advantage and were always polished, put together, elegant, and stylish during all their appearances.

This is also the case of Queen Elizabeth II, the woman who was the monarch of the United Kingdom for 70 flourishing years. Considered a power dresser by many fashion critics and media outlets, she knew exactly how to face the public and used her beautiful outfits to send all sorts of messages to the countries that looked up to her for security and strength.

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