9 Times Celebs Displayed Bad Behavior

It doesn’t take much for a rising star to become a shooting star. These celebrities wound up shooting themselves in the foot.

Celebrities appear to have things easy. They are part of a relatively small percentage of the population who have access to the best that life has to offer.

Living a life of luxury and becoming world famous for their talents appears to be a true gift, and most would assume that after reaching this level of success, top earning stars would recognize the privilege they are surrounded by and do everything in their power to protect everything they’ve worked so hard to achieve.

Unfortunately, that is not the case. There are so many celebrities who fall from grace and end up engaged in behavior that is so far outside the bounds of what is acceptable that their admirers abandon them.

According to Ranker, just as soon as their star ascended to the height of popularity, it might all come crumbling down around them.

Celebs Displayed Bad Behavior
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9 Times When Celebrities Displayed Inappropriate Behavior

1.  Kevin Spacey

Kevin Spacey, the beloved two-time Oscar winner, broke fans’ confidence in 2017 when actor Anthony Rapp said he initiated sexual overtures toward him when he was 14 years old.

Rather than merely apologizing, Spacey utilized the chance to come out as someone who is attracted to both men and women, infuriating many who believe he used his sexuality as a distraction.

According to USA Today, 15 men “came forward to accuse he sexually harassed, attacked, or attempted to rape them” within a few weeks.

Spacey’s public relations and agency reps have ditched him; Netflix has pulled him from the last season of blockbuster show House of Cards, and he’s been replaced in other upcoming projects, including movies and award ceremonies.

2. Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes was the attractive young actress who was Nickelodeon’s pride and delight.

She stepped away from acting to pursue an active interest in illegal substances and vulgar behavior after appearing in All That and her own show, The Amanda Show, among a slew of other major Hollywood accolades.

Despite the fact that her mental health concerns exacerbated her situation by leading people to doubt whether her behavior was mostly beyond her control, she quickly became too contentious for the network, and no one wanted her to represent their brand.

She wound up in recovery with a seriously tarnished reputation that the industry simply refuses to deal with.

3. Britney Spears

Nobody will ever forget the moment Britney Spears’ mental health collapsed in front of the entire world. She began a very public and quite troubling angry diatribe with an umbrella after shaving her head, and it was evident that she had fully lost control.

She then lost custody of her children and was hospitalized for psychiatric treatment.

Since that tragic day, she has gone from being a worldwide singing sensation with the world at her feet and a massive career ahead of her to being completely controlled by a conservatorship with no choice over her own lifestyle.

She has completely self-destructed, and admirers are now captivated by her odd and cryptic social media messages.

4. Tara Reid

Tara Reid was an international party girl who, unfortunately, didn’t know when to take her work seriously and when to slow down. She was caught up in a risky lifestyle of partying and substance addiction, and she indulged her wild side a little too much.

She became dangerously thin and began to neglect the few remaining performing roles.

Reid suffered a series of botched plastic procedures, and she demonstrated no capacity to regain control of her life in order to maintain her career.

5. Macaulay Culkin

In the Home Alone series, Macaulay Culkin will be remembered as the charming boy who was left alone to fend for himself during the Christmas season. That’s partly because it was his most epic role, but it’s also because he couldn’t find any great work after that.

The boy was in high demand after rising to stardom as Kevin McCallister, and his child star status was cemented. He had opportunities presented to him at every step, but he chose illegal substance misuse and was arrested on a number of offences.

His career shriveled up and his income flatlined since he was no longer cute or appealing.

6. Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson is regarded as one of Hollywood’s leading men, having portrayed some genuinely classic parts. With massive hits like Braveheart, the entire Lethal Weapon series, and the Mad Max trilogy under his belt, it’s startling to see how he led himself down a path of self-destruction.

His career was shattered when he began acting intoxicated and went on explosive anti-Semitic outbursts. He then left a horrifying voicemail for Oksana Grigorieva, his former girlfriend, with some gory and extremely horrible words that will linger on the recording forever.

7. Shannen Doherty

Shannen Doherty was the fresh-faced star of Beverly Hills 90210, and she could have easily demanded any amount of money for future jobs. Her performance was excellent, and viewers enjoyed tuning in, but this was not the situation on the set.

There were numerous accusations about her being a holy terror on set, particularly over her behavior toward co-star Jennie Garth.

She was also unconcerned about her obligations and was frequently late for shoots, expecting everyone to work around her schedule. Everyone wanted to see her on TV, but no one wanted to work with her behind the scenes.

8. Shia LaBeouf

Shia LaBeouf has starred in a number of films, including the Transformers franchise, Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, and Disturbia. He is an exceptionally gifted and convincing actor who is capable of taking on some pretty hard roles in a variety of genres.

Unfortunately, his aggressive behavior on set has dimmed anyone’s inclination to cast him in future parts. His record of public conflicts is lengthy, and one of them included threatening someone with a knife.

There have been a number of incidences of disruptive conduct caught on camera, and it appears that he has completely lost his capacity to act responsibly, even when he is aware that he is being watched by the general people and that their cameras are filming his behavior.

9. Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen’s successful series Two and A Half Men ruled the small screen. He had it made, loosely portraying himself on the show as a rich playboy who got himself into some tricky situations with the many ladies in his life.

When he faced up against the series’ creator, Chuck Lorre, Sheen’s suspected drug difficulties erupted in a way that the world will not soon forget.

In 2011, he declared himself a “warlock” and started the ubiquitous hashtag #WINNING, despite the fact that he was anything but. He then vanished from Hollywood, never to be seen again in any new jobs.

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