7 Shocking AI-Generated Photos You Could Swear Are Real

AI-generated photos
Photo by Midjourney

Go Viral Story presents you: AI-generated photos you could swear are real!

Okay, okay, technology is everywhere nowadays, and we use it all the time, from texting our friends and family members to scrolling on social media, video chatting with our favorite people, and maybe even filming TikTok videos.

Maybe you know that everything is next level nowadays, and with the company OpenAI launching Chat GPT in November 2022, technology took a new turn and is so present in our lives that it’s tough to say which things are real and which ones are not.

Not only can you generate written texts and ideas, or hashtags, but you can also generate images. For instance, we took a look at different AI-generated photos that looked so good that you could swear they were real.

In a world where everything moves fast and it’s hard to keep up, what can you do to know for sure what’s true and what’s fake? We decided to put your eyes and imagination to the test, so feel free to come along because we’re going to talk about some pretty impressive AI-generated photos! Trust me, you could swear that they were taken by professional photographers! Click on the next page to see more!

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