11 Hilarious Pranks Kids Play on Their Parents and Grandparents

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As parents and grandparents nowadays are more open to communication and want to have as many beautiful memories with their loved ones as possible, it isn’t completely absurd to pull a prank once in a while. Just for the fun of it!

After all, pulling pranks on your parents can actually be healthy, because it strengthens the bond between family members (as long as it doesn’t put anyone in danger). You’ve probably seen on TikTok many grandkids plotting with their grandparents to prank mom and dad – especially during the lockdown, where we were obliged to spend more time than ever indoors.

Let’s see some of the most creative and funny pranks that kids do nowadays to their loved ones!

Short the sheets

We thought we should start off our funny pranks contest with something softer. This one’s a good and decent April Fools’ prank for your parents that is not only super funny(for you), but it’s also highly frustrating(for them).

All you have to do is short-sheet a family member’s bed. How do you do that? You simply remove the top sheet, tuck one end under the mattress at the top of their bed, and then you simply fold it over. This way, it acts as if it is both a fitted sheet and top sheet. So when your mom and dad will hop into bed, their feet will suddenly hit the fold in a so-called abrupt surprise.

Bread that’s gone bad

This one’s generally used on April Fools’, except for the people who feel like having a laugh once in a while, without reason. The thing is, your parents will definitely think that the bread they just bought at the supermarket has already gone moldy.

With your clean hands, just take the top slice of bread off of the loaf. Then, dab a drop or two of green food coloring on the next slice. Put back the top slice to hide the colored smudge, and then wait.

They’ll have a disgusted reaction, thinking that they’ve gotten a moldy loaf. What’s even funnier is that if you pull this prank once or twice, if they really stumble upon a molded bread, they won’t believe it’s true!

Juicy surprise

If your mom or grandmom loves drinking a glass of cranberry or grape juice every other morning, this prank is right what you were looking for! Shake up her juice routine with a little bit of Jell-o! It’s super easy: just mix up a package of Jell-o, by following the instructions on the back of the box), and pour the liquid into a clean cup with a straw in it.

Then, put your cup in the refrigerator and leave it overnight. The Jell-o will become solid, holding the straw in place and preparing the stage for a jiggly surprise the next morning. If your mom gets annoyed, take pictures! Just kidding.

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Kookie cookie

If you know your relatives have a sweet tooth, you’re gonna leave them a beautiful memory! Your parents might be big Oreos or any other sandwich-style cookies fans, in which case you can easily pull a funny prank.

Grab an Oreo and be careful to slowly twist the cookies so they can come apart. Then, use a butter knife to scrape off the icing, and then…(you probably guessed already) fill it with white toothpaste. Carefully put the Oreo back together, and offer your parents the surprise cookie. They’re gonna have a really minty surprise! Be careful, this joke is old enough to be pulled on you, too!

Soapy surprise

This is one of my personal favorites. The chances of using a bar soap are pretty high, so if your parents have one in their bathroom, it’s perfect! Take the bar soap in the bathroom sink or shower and dry it off completely.

Then, carefully paint the newly dried bar soap with clear nail polish. That’s right! Next time your parents or grandparents will want to use the soap, they’ll have a big surprise! And while we’re in the bathroom, there’s one more thing you can do. Unscrew your showerhead and pop in a bouillon cube, so next time one of your family members takes a shower, it will smell like chicken!

Balloons in the pillow

This one’s simply hilarious: when your parents or grandparents aren’t paying attention, just take their pillows out of their pillowcases, hide them in the dresser drawer, and replace them with blown-up balloons instead.

Trust me, no one’s going to notice the difference until they don’t put their heads on them! They will get super squeaky, which will make it even funnier. Plus, if their heads are super heavy, they might also end up being scared with a sudden pop!

Colored water

By pulling this harmless prank, you will make your parents wonder if the quality of water is as good as they thought it was. All you have to do is use a cotton swab to wipe gel food coloring around the rim of the faucet spout because that’s where the water comes out. If you want to add a particularly creative and spooky touch, you can go for red. Watch them freak out when they fill up their glasses.

Add some sparkle

If you ever used glitter before, you know how hard it is to get rid of it, and it gets everywhere, even into the deepest depths of your soul. Fill an envelope with glitter and leave it in your friend’s mailbox. They will have to clean it off forever!

The salty shock

If your parents love their coffee or tea with some sugar in it, just replace the sweetener in their sugar bowl with some salt. They will definitely have a not-so-sweet surprise. Also, don’t forget to change it before you need it, or you might end up with a salty surprise as well!

Wrong channel

If you want to make your parents spend more time with you, just open the television and choose a channel they’d never want to watch, not even in a million years. Then, take the batteries out of every remote in the house.

This way, it will be impossible to change the channel, so they’ll just give up. Oh, I forgot to mention: if you switch the TV on your favorite channel before shutting it down, you get extra bonus points!

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Shrink-wrapped shampoo

This is one of the most amazing April Fools pranks if your parents are loving their bath products. If you want to get them into a lather in the shower, seal off their shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. How to do it?

Just unscrew the cap and place a tiny piece of the plastic wrap where the bottle opens, right before you screw the lid back on. They won’t be able to figure out why they can’t get their cleaning products out.

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