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Over time, when we visit grocery stores on a weekly or daily basis, we tend to learn exactly what products we prefer and which we don’t. Of course, it depends on various factors, such as the price range, preference of quality, and even lifestyle!

For example, if you know you love a good sauce next to your fries and chicken wings, you’ll buy it from a certain place, or if you’re more of a salad-kind-of person, you’ll choose that place that always has fresh vegetables.

In any scenario, you pick your favorites. But just like you, there are thousands of other people who have their own preferences as well. And sometimes, these preferences are the same. In fact, let’s see which are the best and most beloved supermarkets in some of the states across the country.

Alabama: Organic Harvest, Hoover

Right in the heart of Hoover, you’ll find Organic Harvest, which is Alabama’s biggest natural foods store. You will find such a big variety of healthy groceries there, that you’ll definitely work up a sudden appetite while walking around those aisles. And after a serious portion of grocery shopping, you can taste one of their signature smoothies and their vegan chicken salad sandwich that any carnivore would love.

Alaska: Three Bears, Tok

While food prices are way higher in Alaska than in other states, at Three Bears, you’ll find better prices than anywhere else. That’s mainly because they stock most of their products from Costco, while also featuring locally-sourced produce, dairy, and meat.

…Where do you do YOUR grocery shopping?

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Arizona: Los Altos Ranch Market, Phoenix

This small Southwestern chain will provide the best ready-made Mexican fare. Many locals prefer going to this “supermercado” during their lunch break because it has the best prices!

Arkansas: Walmart

While it might not be the first choice when it comes to groceries, Arkansas, is definitely the most fitting, since the mega-chain started here. Now, Walmart has over 3,465 locations throughout every state. And if you’re looking for something fresh and healthy, you’ll really prefer buying from Walmart.

They have organic products that are cheaper than anywhere else. In fact, there’s a study that shows how organic ketchup at Walmart is only $2.58, in comparison to $3.69, the price you’ll find at any other average grocery store.

California: Ralph’s, Los Angeles

The free parking at Ralph’s should be enough to win you over because it’s such a rarity in downtown Los Angeles. Also, if that doesn’t lure you into shopping at this grocery store, then the frequent sales and gorgeously stocked shelves definitely will! You can pick up your laundry there too, as they have in-store dry cleaners, and also have a cocktail option after you go grocery shopping!

Colorado: King Soopers, Denver

If you’re not a fan of running your errands, we totally get you! Even so, I’m definitely sure that if you add sushi and Starbucks to your grocery shopping routines, it will make it easier. You can find both of them when you go shopping at King Soopers, which is an offshoot of Kroger.

…Which state do YOU live in?

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Connecticut: Stew Leonard’s, Norwalk

Also known as “the Disneyland of dairy stores”, Stew Leonard’s is very serious when it comes to customer service. In fact, at the entrance of each of their stores, you’ll find a chunk of granite with their motto encrypted: “Rule 1: The customer is always right. Rule 2: If the customer is ever wrong, reread Rule 1.” Plus, for every $100 you spend, you’ll earn a cup of coffee or free ice cream.

Delaware: Janssen’s Market, Wilmington

This 50+year old grocery store is the number one place in Delaware where locals go when it comes to “everyday gourmet”. Here, you’ll find a variety of fresh meats, cheeses, and local goodies.

Florida: Publix, Orlando

It’s really no wonder why “Publix” managed to grow such a cult in the last few years, given the fact that it has this policy of “buy one get one free” sales to its Apron Cooking School. Also, Publix is a great choice for your lunch break, as it has some enormous sandwiches, also known as Pub Subs, that have become incredibly famous.

Georgia: The Fresh Market, Atlanta

Another great choice for lunch breaks, but this time in Georgia, is The Fresh Market. They have some very interesting readymade options, such as the shrimp salad and vegetable spring rolls that are incredibly popular. Also, you can find candies and jellybeans in bulk there, which is definitely great for kids.

…Have you ever tried a PUB SUB?

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Maryland: MOM’s Organic Market, Baltimore

So, just to make things clear, EVERYTHING sold at MOM’s Organic Market is definitely 100% organic. Therefore, from this point of view, Whole Foods has some competition! They also have a list of banned ingredients, just to keep up with the whole “product standards” mentality, which is really admirable.

Before they close any deal with a new company, they call to make sure that those food standards are met before they put their products on the shelves.

Idaho: Broulim’s, Montpelier

Ever since it first started in 1922, Broulim’s went out of its way to provide the freshest seasonal products possible. And, bottom line, they’re now available online as well!

Illinois: Mariano’s, Chicago

Believe it or not, Mariano’s is THAT place where you can listen to live piano music and sip a beer while you run errands. You’ll find lots of national brands there, as Mariano’s is good at closing advantageous deals, but you’ll also find stocks of local products and affordable organic products.

Indiana: Saraga International Grocery, Indianapolis

You can take a trip around the world when you go shopping at Saraga International Grocery. Start off by tasting a warm pastry from the “panaderia”, then choose your favorite fresh pasta and mochi ice cream. If you’re looking for any weird and rare ingredient, you’ll most definitely find it there!

…How advanced is YOUR palette?

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Iowa: Trader Joe’s, Des Moines

You can never go wrong when you grocery shop at Trader Joe’s. In fact, it’s the favorite store of the citizens of Iowa. Here, the prices are very low, the employees really want to help you out, and there’s always a fun atmosphere. They also have a fun selection of frozen food and their famous “two buck chuck”.

Kansas: Dillons, Wichita

There are so many great things about Dillons, we don’t even know where to start. You can find a super-fresh salad bar there, a full-service Chinese kitchen, and a wide selection of organic products. Also, there’s a great 10 for $10 promotion, where you can choose different products for just a dollar each.

Kentucky: Rainbow Blossom Natural Food Market, Louisville

If you’re interested in buying organic fruits and veggies, you can find them at “Rainbow Blossom Natural Food Market. This is the first health grocery store in Louisville, and it’s like a mecca of good-for-you eats and vitamins. Plus, you can have a chat with a bunch of experts in the wellness field, and you can also find out more about massage therapy and nutrition.

Louisiana: Rouses Market: Baton Rouge

At Rouses Market, you’ll find the best seafood market in Louisiana. Or at least, it’s the most beloved store in Louisiana. If it’s crawfish season, you can find some good deals on crustaceans and fresh fish there. Plus, it’s worth mentioning that Rouses Market is very cautious with their products: they’re all responsibly sourced and freshly delivered.

…Seafood?!?! I’m moving to Baton Rouge immediately!

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Massachusetts: Market Basket, Somerville

Hannaford Supermarket first started when Arthur Hannaford started selling products on the docks of Portland, Maine. Today, Hannaford is the best place to run your weekly errands. They have fresh products at all times, and the staff is incredibly friendly. Also, you’ll find some of the finest beer and a great coffee selection there.

Michigan: Busch’s Fresh Food Market, Ann Arbor

Many customers appreciate the perfect balance between essentials and newer products in this store. Also, Busch’s Fresh Food Market is known to have award-winning cakes, freshly baked and oriented for people who might have food allergies. If this isn’t a store that really takes interest in being the best for its customers, I don’t know what is.

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