Stop Doing These 11 Rude Things Every Time You Go to a Restaurant

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While we might be entitled to believe that basic manners have completely disappeared nowadays, it’s worth mentioning that not everyone has completely forgotten about etiquette when it comes to going out to a restaurant.

Even though gentlemen’s days are long gone, we still have social standards. Have you ever asked yourself if there’s anything you do when going out to eat that might be inappropriate?

It’s time to pay attention to our social behaviors and leave the bad manners at the door. Let’s see some of the worst things people usually do at restaurants and why it is important to avoid doing them ever again:


Don’t keep your phone ringing for too long

If your phone starts ringing or lights up while you’re at the table and you’re having a conversation, it isn’t very pleasing. Try to do something about it.

Don’t worry, it’s not just the patrons who have to remember to be careful with this. It applies to everyone, from VIP diners to back-of-the-house employees.

It’s also true that we’re more and more hooked on our phones and we need them with almost everything in our day-to-day activities, but it’s worth remembering that for the other person that’s dining with us it can be very uncomfortable.

If you really have to take an important phone call, try answering it outside the restaurant.

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Don’t stand in the way of the server

There are some customers who are completely unaware of their surroundings, and oftentimes they’re the ones that are blocking a busy pathway in a restaurant.

Not only is it extremely annoying for the other diners who just want to eat in peace, but it’s 100% going to irritate the wait staff. If you think about it for a second, restaurants make all their money by placing tables in a room.

Customers are coming, they sit down at those tables, and they start eating food. Why would you want to be that person that’s standing around in a crowded spot, while staring off into space without any direction? Don’t get in the way of the waiters!

If you’re the host, don’t finish first

If you’re the one to host the dinner and you gathered a couple of friends at a restaurant, then there’s something you should know. As a host, you have some important responsibilities to keep in mind.

If you’re the host, you have to make sure you pace yourself so that you end up being the last one that finishes each course. In fact, I think there are only a few people left that still remember this forgotten mannerism.

If you’re a slow eater, then you definitely know what it’s like to have your plate taken away too soon. But as a host, you can make your guests feel more comfortable and avoid this situation.

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Don’t go for the big table until the rest of the group arrives

The goal of any restaurant is to have a high turnover rate each and every night. So, the fewer tables they have turned, the less money they are going to make.

While you and your friends might get angry when your other guests are late for dinner, it’s not the restaurant’s fault. They care about their customers and they care about reaching their goal as well, it’s natural.

So, before you get all angry with the host of the restaurant for not letting you sit at the big table, make sure you get an accurate time of arrival with your friends.

Don’t reach across the table

Sharing is caring, after all, but sometimes you have to care more about the way you and others might share. While sharing is the best part about eating out, because you get to try everything that everyone else ordered, it can sometimes be a bit bothering.

Especially when you don’t know how to do it. There is a polite way to do it, and a not so polite way. If you really feel like sharing, ask the other person to put your part of the dish on his/her bread plate and pass the bread plate, rather than just letting you stick your fork into his/her food.

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Don’t expect to be served right before the kitchen closes

Sometimes, we tend to let hunger fog our judgment completely. I personally do it very often, when I go grocery shopping, on a busy afternoon, or when I go to grab a bite with my friends.

Even though the restaurant is technically the place where you can have a seat and calm down your hunger, unless it’s McDonald’s, nobody works for you 24/7.

If you go somewhere that’s open for 20 more minutes, they won’t be able to cook for you. The kitchen is most likely already cleaned-up, and the servers have started to count their money. So, good luck!

Don’t let the kids run wild in the restaurant

Seeing anyone’s kids running wild at a restaurant is probably driving you crazy, even if you have your own children. We get it, kids need to eat, too, but it’s still unpleasing for everyone else to hear constant noises and shouting everywhere.

If you have children and you go with them to a restaurant, try to keep them busy as much as possible, to avoid any unpleasant situations. Think about the other customers who didn’t sign up for this and who might feel disturbed.

Plus, having them running around everywhere represents a danger to the staff as well, because they might be too focused to notice them while trying to do THEIR JOB.

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Don’t ask to split the bill several ways after you’ve seen the check

Splitting the bill isn’t so uncommon. If you think about it, many groups who dine together prefer keeping things even, and giving your server a heads up before placing your order is fair.

And THAT’S the key to good manners: if they know beforehand, it’s easier for them to keep separate checks going. But if you ask your server to split the bill 30 ways after it has been delivered to you, it’s completely obnoxious.

So, if you know to have done this in the past, try avoiding this issue by making sure everyone has enough cash to chip in.

Don’t blame the waiter if the food was bad

Everyone knows by now that waiters depend on their tips since they don’t make that much of an hourly wage. So, naturally, most people in the service industry will try to work toward earning more tips.

But when it comes to underwhelming food, it’s definitely NOT their fault. So, if by any chance you ordered something and you have been completely disappointed by the taste of the food or the way it looked, never blame the waiter.

It’s not their fault. The waiter is there to be knowledgeable about the menu, and to make sure she/he delivers your stuff.

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Don’t raise your hand to get the attention of the waiter

Have you ever noticed those people who think they’re smart to raise their hand or to SNAP at their server? Aren’t they completely annoying? It’s common sense not to raise your hand to get your server’s attention, let alone to snap your fingers at them.

Don’t stray too far from the menu

When it comes to ordering, remember that slight modifications and requests are expected, but don’t go too far with it. After all, a menu has been carefully prepared by a professional chef, so you mustn’t mistake it with a list of ingredients.

Plus, you’re supposed to go to a restaurant to try what others prepared for you, to have a taste of something different and special.

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