10 Of The Most Disturbing Christmas Crimes In U.S. History

These disturbing Christmas crimes will make you shiver…

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, right? At least, that’s what we hear people saying. In reality, though, things aren’t what they seem to be. Unfortunately, according to crime records, the winter holidays also happen to be an equally disturbing time of year for some.

While Christmas may seem like the most unlikely season for bad guys doing… bad stuff, it’s an unfortunate truth that there are plenty of crimes on record. And they are downright troubling.

Here are some of the most disturbing Christmas crimes that happened in US history!

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1. The case of Santa on a motorcycle

This one occurred in 2006 in Columbia, South Carolina. It all started when a man sporting a full Santa costume pulled up to a gas station (he was riding a decked-out motorcycle). The so-called Santa asked a family if they wanted to have a look at the stuffed reindeer he had in the sidecar.

As the kids walked up to have a better look, the guy grabbed the eight-year-old girl and sped off. Panicked, the dad frantically chased after them and was able to get his daughter back. The Santa imposter was arrested.

For a parent, this is one of the most awful Christmas crimes that could happen.

2. The case of a Santa Claus burglary

Yes, the bad guys steal things during the holidays, too. The Home Alone movie is the best example, but these disturbing scenarios exist in real life as well.

A visit from Santa is generally a joyous occasion, especially when he is collecting for charity. A 22-year-old woman living in Birmingham, Alabama, thought this was the precise situation when a man dressed as Santa knocked on her door. It never occurred to her that she was about to see what Christmas crimes look like.

Sadly, his intentions had nothing to do with charity or helping others but were much darker. He mercilessly hit the woman in the face before robbing her house. He fled the crime scene shortly after.

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3. The case of the Santa break-in

If you’re dressed as Santa and plan on committing a robbery, it’s only fair to come in through the chimney, right? This logic was used by a man in Seattle as he bravely attempted to rob a house. Curious to find out how things went?

Before any real crime was committed, the man got stuck in the chimney and needed extra help from the fire department to get safely out of there. The criminal claimed he was just trying to retrieve his backpack, but the cops obviously didn’t buy it. The police eventually sentenced him to 17 months in prison.

This is definitely one of the most hilarious Christmas crimes.

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4. The case of the crazed shoppers

Black holiday deals can be motivation for waiting in ridiculously long lines and braving the crowds. But sometimes, things can get a bit out of hand. And yes, in the worst cases, they can even turn into Christmas crimes.

The exact same thing happened at the Green Acres Mall, New York, in 2008, when hundreds of people were waiting for the doors to open with the promise of holiday savings. The crowd soon turned into a mob, busting through the glass doors and even trampling over an employee.

But that’s not all; when it was announced that the staff member had been killed, many people carried on shopping, complaining that they had been waiting in line all night.

Read on to find other disturbing Christmas crimes!

5. The case of the stolen baby Jesus

A stolen baby Jesus from a nativity scene—no, it’s not unusual, but even all-too-common. It happened in Florida in 2007, and the case was particularly unusual.

When an 18-year-old woman stole the ceramic figure, she thought her crime would go unpunished. Bad luck, because little did she know that the figure was actually equipped with a GPS, and the police quickly found out about her shenanigans.

It’s difficult to tell what’s more disturbing—the crime of stealing the figure of baby Jesus or the assumption that the object in question would need a GPS monitor in the first place. Anyway, while disturbing, we think it’s one of the most ridiculous Christmas crimes.

6. The case of the most infamous Christmas bank robbery

This crime is almost 100 years old, but it’s still bewildering. In fact, it’s not only one of the most famous Christmas crimes but also one of the most notorious robberies in history.

It all started when a man by the name of Marshall Ratliff walked into the First National Bank of Cisco, Texas, dressed in a full Santa Claus costume. Accompanied by three armed men, he was able to get away with the money, taking three girls hostage.

Unfortunately for the man, his car ran out of fuel shortly after, forcing him to abandon his loot. He was arrested and got a 99-year prison sentence, but an angry mob broke into the prison and lynched him.

7. The case of taking candy from a Santa

We all know not to take candy from strangers, but what about taking candy canes from Santa? In 2009, in Parma, Ohio, a 12-year-old girl was approached by Santa Claus, who offered her Christmas candy.

Similar to other Christmas crimes, this one started bizarrely—oddly enough, Santa was hiding in the bushes, which made the girl aware that something was off. She was wise enough to ignore his attempt, and when the men dressed as Santa started chasing her, she made it to a local boutique just in time to call the cops.

The man was identified as mentally unstable and was eventually caught still wearing the Santa suit.

8. The case of the most unusual Christmas gift

Parents can sometimes be at a loss when it comes to choosing the perfect present for their kids. This isn’t an unusual situation, all the more so one that can lead to Christmas crimes, right?

Well, some parents seem to have a different take on it. A man in Sidell, Louisiana, thought he had the perfect solution. So he robbed a pet store, taking a couple of snakes and the cash register, per police reports.

When the man was asked by the cops why he had done it, he said it was for his son’s Christmas present.

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9. The case of the intoxicated St. Nick

Volunteering to drive a Christmas float for a lovely local holiday parade is a generous act. That is, until alcohol is brought into the mix. And that’s how some of the Christmas crimes occur.

A man from South Carolina was drinking while driving a float that was only meant to go a few miles per hour. However, he decided to spice things up, so he ended up speeding at nearly 60 MPH.

The man was eventually charged with an open container, intoxicated driving, and a few more charges for his awful behavior.

10. The case of the terrorized Frosty float

Last but not least on our list of disturbing Christmas crimes is another event that didn’t end well. The fact that the victim of a cruel Christmas stabbing happened to be a huge Frosty float somehow doesn’t make it less disturbing. The culprits were two teenagers from the Colerain Township area of Ohio.

They brutally attacked with a knife the 12-foot figure located in a resident’s yard. Luckily, the two were caught on videotape, having committed the same crime multiple times, and were eventually arrested and fined.

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