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Marilyn Monroe's Death

5 Secrets Surrounding Marilyn Monroe’s Death

Since Marilyn Monroe’s Unsolved Death, fifty-five years have gone, yet the death of one of history’s most famous and well-known women, remains one of the

Celebrities Who Had More Than 5 Marriages

Celebrities Who Had More Than 5 Marriages

In the world of celebrities, love and marriage do not necessarily go together like a horse and carriage. Only half of Americans marry now, a

awful things

10 Awful Things Trump Has Said About Women

As many of you have already noticed, Donald Trump never thinks twice before making a statement, and he definitely doesn’t think about his position. He

Celebs Displayed Bad Behavior

9 Times Celebs Displayed Bad Behavior

It doesn’t take much for a rising star to become a shooting star. These celebrities wound up shooting themselves in the foot. Celebrities appear to

Kelly Clarkson Don't Care About her Looks

12 Celebrities Who Don’t Care About Their Looks

In Hollywood, appearances are everything. Celebrities are frequently scrutinized on the quality of their skin, the fashionable clothes they wear, and the haircuts they sport.

Trump Family is super-rich

Super-Rich Families That Were Chased By Bad Luck

Some men and women had it all and were worth billions, including multi-million-dollar yachts, mega-mansions for residences, private jets, fleets of automobiles, and more. However,

NFL players

Best NFL Players of All Time

It’s one of sports fans’ oldest barroom debates: who is the greatest player of all time? How are you expected to quantify it with all

Celebrities Who Have Stunning Siblings

8 Celebrities Who Have Stunning Siblings

You know what it’s like to have a sibling (or two, or three!). You’re always jockeying for position in the family, instigating fights while your

Landowner in USA

Top 20 Biggest Landowners in America

While businesses and governments may always issue more stocks and bonds, there is one asset that has had a fairly constant supply on Earth for

Affordable Places to Retire To

Most Affordable Places to Retire To

After working hard and saving carefully for retirement, you may discover that your nest egg will not get you very far in the United States.