Being Sober: 10 Celebrities Who’ve Been Honest About Their Addiction

Image By Matteo Chinellato From Shutterstock

We all may think that Tinsel Town is all glitz and glamour, but a lot of our favorite celebrities have been struggling with addiction over the years. Some did not even manage to become sober years after. It is a very strong vice, and while we have all seen the scandals and the news that this and that celebrity has been seen drunk somewhere in a fancy bar, a lot of these same magazines do not talk about the ones that have won against this disease.

After all, while not wanting to, these celebrities have become role models for today’s youth, and they have to set an example. And while the media and paparazzi love to milk all their problems for clicks and impressions, loving to create scandals, they don’t show the ones that have come out of the other side healed. This is why a lot of these famous individuals (be it due to movies, music or sports) end up having biographies written about them so they can share their stories!

In the end, these celebrities are human too, and while some love to put them high up on a pedestal, they are just like us ordinary folks, dealing with the same problems. This is why we have chosen to pick some of Hollywood’s most famous actors and singers and showcase their struggles and triumphs!

Have you found your favorite celebrity on our list? Let us know below!

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