Types of People Who Don’t Belong in Walmart

Walmart employees, secret
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Walmart has progressively risen to the top of the social hierarchy in small towns across the United States. We all know they did it by putting all the more pleasurable and less fluorescently illuminated social centers out of business, but that doesn’t change the fact that Wally World is the place to be in cities throughout America.

Everyone shops at Wal-Mart, including those who insist they would never be caught dead in a Walmart. They may purchase their fruits, veggies, and tofu at Whole Foods, but the same high and powerful customers may be found purchasing bargain toiletries from the blue box.

Though everyone shops at there, there are certain types of folks who don’t belong in Walmart!

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1 thought on “Types of People Who Don’t Belong in Walmart”

  1. I am one type of person who don’t belong in Walmart: I have a social conscience and I am at least somewhat conscious of my appearance when I go out in public.B

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