17 People Who Became Famous on the Internet

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Our rich and abundant culture made us all believe that being famous is the very best thing that can happen to anyone in this lifetime. We got used to looking up to celebrities, admiring and craving for what they have, without thinking for a second that not all fame is positive.

You know, some of the celebrities you’ve heard about really did some questionable things to become who they are now. Plus, some of the most hated figures in the world earned their notoriety thanks to the internet, which has its own set of challenges.

Anyway, taking the example of these figures, it has been proven once again that no matter how hated in the online realm, many of us will still stop and watch the spectacle they’re putting on:

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Dan Bilzerian

While many people see Dan Bilzerian as the King of Instagram, many aren’t so generous when it comes to him. Dan Bilzerian allegedly managed to become extremely rich as a poker player. And this is not all: he earned his notoriety with his nonstop hedonistic lifestyle, advocating for every bad thing you could possibly imagine.

He doesn’t stop generating controversy, as he is the subject of many accusations of using women as props in his photos or filming himself running away “to go grab a piece” during the horrible events that took place in Las Vegas in 2017. Blizerian is driven by his adrenaline, which has led so far to two cardiac events by the age of 25.

Kaitlin Bennett

In 2018, Kaitlin Bennett posted a couple of photos of herself on social media strolling around her college campus fully armed. The historical implications were even more difficult and troubling, as the college in question was Ohio’s Kent State University, where four student protestors tragically died during a protest in 1970.

With her 15 minutes of internet fame, Bennett made even more headlines which made her famous. She posed at Chick-Fil-A, which is known for its staunch anti-LGBTQ+ stance.

Logan Paul

Throughout his “internet career”, Logan Paul made A LOT of unfortunate headlines. It all started in 2017 when he filmed himself walking around in a Japanese forest, where he found some remains of someone who took their own life. Paul was hit with a lot of backlashe, given the fact that he filmed himself with those remains and uploaded the video online.

I guess some people would post anything to become famous!

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Nicole Arbour

In 2015, youtube influencer Nicole Arbour made her way into internet infamy with a video called “Dear Fat People”. In the video, she starts to criticize, shame, and mock overweight people. Of course, she refused to apologize to anyone who felt offended, calling the video a “satire”.

Also, she made her own version of the song “This Is America” by Childish Gambino. As a white woman, many argued that she had no right to talk about the Black experience, but she once again refused to apologize.

Mike Cernovich

Mike Cernovich is definitely no stranger to controversy, as he became famous on the internet through his hero-worship of Donald Trump and his penchant for conspiracy theories.

Justine Sacco

PR executive Justine Sacco posted on her Twitter before she went off to South Africa in 2013: “Going to Africa. Hope I don’t get AIDS. Just kidding. I’m white!” By the time her plane landed, EVERYONE hated her and her white privilege attitude. Later, she explained that her tweets were just an attempt to make a bad joke.

Kim Davis

Have you ever heard about county clerk Kim Davis? She became famous online in 2015, after refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Oh, and it gets better: her actions were against A SUPREME COURT decision that dictated her to allow these licenses!

Dinesh D’Souza

Dinesh D’Souza was one of the loudest voices to represent modern conservatism. Naturally, he was against multiculturalism, LGBTQ+ rights, racial equality, and other important political issues.

In 2014, he was convicted of making illegal campaign contributions, but Donald Trump “graciously” issued a full pardon for Mr. D’Souza in 2018. He made waves on the internet as well in early 2018, when he mocked the survivors of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School incident.

Monalisa Perez

In 2017, Monalisa Perez and her boyfriend Pedro Ruiz tried to build their own YouTube channel following a controversial video, but things didn’t go exactly as they planned. Perez used a weapon on Ruiz, while he was holding a thick book in front of his chest. Unfortunately, Ruiz died and his girlfriend received a 180-day jail sentence as a result.

Do you think this senseless death was worth becoming famous?

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Laci Green

Laci Green is known to have used her YouTube channel to create sex-positive videos that were about a variety of topics. Even though she started on the right foot, Green won her notoriety in 2012 for using a transphobic slur in one of her videos.

Even though she apologized for that particular moment, she kept on making anti-transgender statements and Islamophobic comments on her social media platforms.

Jake Paul

And just like his brother Logan, Jake is one of the biggest stars of the YouTube generation. I know what you’re thinking, that family should have tried better with these two. In 2017, Paul caught everyone’s attention for becoming a public nuisance, drawing the ire of his neighbors for many ridiculous stunts he pulls for his internet fame.

Rebecca Black

Do you remember when Rebecca Black released the music video for her first single “Friday” in 2011? She immediately became famous, but not for the right reasons. The internet roasted her for how much Auto-Tuned her song was. In fact, many remember her song as “the worst song ever”.


PewDiePie is one of the most famous and successful subscribers on YouTube, but he became this famous only thanks to his highly insulting sense of humor. He’s known for using inappropriate words, such as the N-word, or hiring people to carry signs that are denigrating Jewish people. Of course, the YouTuber refers to his insults as jokes.

Ajit Pai

While there are many forces that came together to overturn net neutrality back in 2017, many people like to think that Ajit Pai was the mastermind of the effort. As Donald Trump appointed him as the head of FCC, Pai become internet famous for helping to make the internet less accessible for the future.

The Fat Jewish

If you’ve ever heard of the comedian Josh Ostrovsky, also known as The Fat Jewish, you know that he became incredibly famous on social media thanks to his jokes. All fair and square, except for the fact that all of his jokes were stolen from other comedians.

When his deceit was finally revealed in 2015, his career was hit with a lot of backlash. Because of all this, Ostrovsky lost an important deal with Comedy Central.

youtube famous
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Tony Toutouni

Tony Toutouni became Instagram famous after he bragged about his wealth and lavish lifestyle funded by billions earned from real estate ventures and business deals. One simple glance at his account would unravel money, privilege, flashy accouterments, and numerous women.

Toutouni became an internet superstar, but a controversial one. Many believed that through his social media posts, he did nothing but objectify women.

Sam Pepper

Sam Pepper is a famous YouTube vlogger with lots of followers that has been accused of multiple sexual assault allegations in 2014. As his career suffered from these accusations, Pepper tried to revive his stalled career in 2018, by uploading an hour-long video of him following random women in Los Angeles.

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