Mysterious Powder Found at the White House (and 8 Other Shocking Facts)

White House
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Mysterious powder at the White House

You’ve probably heard about this on the news; if not, boy, oh boy, I love being the one to break it for you! Very recently (I’m talking a matter of days), the Secret Service found a mysterious powder in the White House. After subsequent testing, they confirmed that the powdery substance was coc*ine.

As you can imagine, the discovery of this dangerous substance caused a very brief shutdown of the White House. The Secret Service found it in a common storage area on the ground floor of the West Wing, where the offices of some of the highest presidential aides and support staff work.

The powdery substance was found in a zip-close bag closer to the entrance, where all the visitors taking tours had to leave their phones. Naturally, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre declared that President Biden had been updated on the incident and noted the area where the powder was discovered is heavily visited by many curious people.

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