Watch Out: 8 Dangerous Online Shopping Mistakes

…What do you think about online shopping?

I don’t know about you, but since the pandemic has entered our bubble, I am very passionate about online shopping. Even though it can be hard to choose the right sizes, I like the fact that I can avoid crowded spaces, the waiting time to get to the changing room, and so many other annoying things.

However, regardless of the fact that it’s easier to surf the Internet and look for the items you want, there are also some things you should take into consideration when you’re adding products to your cart.

Being a regular online shopper myself, I wanted to know more about what might be the cons of this type of shopping. I started to educate myself and I found 8 dangerous online shopping mistakes almost everyone makes!

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1. Saving your personal info 

I’ve been personally guilty for doing something like this! I have to admit that it’s very easy to click on the save button and all of your personal information would be there for your next time purchase.

However, this thing comes with complications as well, such as your account being the victim of a cyberattack. For example, if a retail site is hacked, the account information is the first type of data perpetrators look for.

In addition to that, if we are looking at this situation from a financial point of view, we can say that it’s actually sabotaging to save your debit card information there. That is because you won’t have the chance to think twice before you place the order.

On the other hand, if you add the numbers and all the data necessary manually, you have more time to think if you actually need that certain item or not.

Keep in mind that there is nothing wrong with opening an account with a username and password, but you shouldn’t save the information of your credit card on a retail website, regardless of how legit it might seem.

2. You don’t read the return policy 

You should always read the return policy, no matter where you shop! You can never know if you are going to like the items you’ve bought, so you need to know who is responsible for return shipping, how long a window to return your purchase is, and also whether a return fee is assessed.

There are times when it’s very expensive to return an item and many people choose to let it go and donate the products they purchased. All these troubles can easily be avoided if you read the return policy before placing your order.

3. You shouldn’t use your debit card 

Many experts say that you shouldn’t use your debit card when you’re doing online shopping. They suggest having a card that’s only for these types of purchases. That is because if your card ever gets hacked, they can only access that card and you could easily remedy the situation by calling the bank.

Another reason why it’s better to not use your debit card is that if any hackers get their hands on it, they would have access to your personal information, such as income and bank accounts.

Moreover, if they manage to take money off your card, it would be very difficult to get it all back and you might need to close your account.

4. Signing up for their deal emails 

Even though it might sound tempting to subscribe to their email list and receive notifications with different offers, it isn’t actually the best thing to do in cases like this.

That is because you will end up receiving tons of emails daily, with sales and discounts that seem to never end. There is a high chance that these offers will make you tempted to buy more products from that particular website, which is exactly what they want: for you to spend a lot of money with them.

If you are sick of receiving their emails, you can always hit the unsubscribe button and your email address won’t be in their database anymore. However, if you want to accept their deals, but you don’t want your inbox to be full, you can subscribe with a different email address.

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5. You shouldn’t sign up for a free trial

Trust me, I know that it sounds tempting, but you shouldn’t fall for it. Even though they might promise a little gift, free shipping, or discounts on some items.

The reason why I’m telling you to be careful is that there are many free trials out there that actually require you to add some personal information, such as your credit card number.

Of course, they can promise you that you are not going to be charged if you cancel your subscription before the trial period ends. Even though this might be the truth in some cases, there are also retailers who make it very hard to cancel your accounts.

Make sure to read every fine print before you place an order or subscription button when you’re online shopping!

6. You order from unknown and weird websites 

I can’t stress this enough: always buy from brands that you are sure they’re safe and legit! Before you add any items to your cart, make sure you’ve read all the terms and conditions that are there and you also check for the website’s security credentials.

There are many people who bought several things from sites that they haven’t heard of and they received bad items or even worse, their credit card information was stolen and used to make counterfeit online transactions and purchases.

Save yourself some trouble and do a little research on that website, look for customers’ reviews, and for the retailer’s reputation in the online area.

If you can’t find any information or any reviews, this is a warning sign that they might not be a legit website or brand. Do your research before you do the shopping!

7. You don’t check the sizing chart 

…Been there, done that, and trust me, it’s extremely annoying and painful! 

Make sure you take a look at the sizing chart every time you’re online shopping! You should always keep in mind that both shoe and clothing sizes can be different from one brand to another.

This is why it’s very important to know if their sizes are regular or if they run bigger or smaller. There are many websites that added the measurements along with a typical size, so don’t neglect those either!

8. You are not reading the reviews 

….This is one of the best pieces of advice that I can give you when it comes to online shopping! 

Even though it might be annoying to read several people’s reviews it can be very helpful with understanding the brand properly! You can learn a lot about product quality, user experience, and security by spending a few minutes reading what different customers stated.

If you find a review that also added a picture with the product they bought, you are very lucky, because you get to see the raw version of the item, without any additional edits or effects!


To sum up this article, we can say that even though online shopping is fun and easy, you still need to do your research before placing an order! Make sure you know and trust the website you want to shop from, read the reviews, always check the sizing chart, and never use your debit card!

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