15 Most Dangerous Cities to Live in the US

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Most Violent and Dangerous Cities In The U.S.

1. Detroit-Dearborn-Livonia, Michigan
2. Memphis, Tennessee
3. Lubbock, Texas
4. Anniston, Alabama
5. Bessemer, Alabama

These are the ones that came up in our top five! And truly, it shouldn’t be a surprise that Detroit has, yet again, topped the charts for this one! It seems like Detroit is perceived by many as being dangerous, as if we all shared a collective mind. It does have a bad reputation, maybe sometimes worse than it should actually be, but both the people and the statistics agree on this one: if there’s one dangerous city in the U.S. it’s Detroit!

That’s also influenced by the fact that the crime rate goes against it: for every 100,000 people, there are allegedly 1,965 violent crimes! And when you take into consideration that the city has about 4 million citizens living in it, the number is huge.

Despite the unanimous decision about the number one spot, it could come as a surprise to you that many thought that Los Angeles would be placing second when it comes to this list. Yet, it doesn’t even come close to being on the list! The amount of violent crime present in Lubbock and Memphis is way bigger than the one in LA. And, let’s be honest, they’re both just a fraction of the size of the City of Angels size…

It seems like intuition and numbers don’t always agree when it comes to this list!

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15 thoughts on “15 Most Dangerous Cities to Live in the US”

  1. I live in Jackson NJ and most dangerous place I have ever lived it’s horrible it was safer in 90s in NYC in projects than living here and the cops not sue how they even use there computers and graduated from college either and DCPP north office not sure what drugs they are on because they hurt my son with Cearbal Palsy because Amber gets high and fucks her drug addict clients and hurts children and mother after surgery complications over 2 years still not recovered because of trashy agency whores.

  2. I can tell you this. NY city is getting worse by the minute! Eight innocent bystanders shot in just one month, 22 people shoved from subway platforms so far this year. The MTA is hiring private security to guard the subways because the governor is ignoring crime and is letting criminals roam the streets! My middle class neighborhood is quickly becoming a ghetto!

    1. Friend I am from Richmond, live in Atlanta and have lived in 8 other cities for work. I feel your pain. But you have no idea that what you described in happening in every city big medium small. It’s out of control here in Atlanta, gangs, kid, babies and mothers shot. We gotta stop looking out for only our city and ‘hood. It’s everywhere.

      1. Anthony Williams

        Reggie you are 1000 percent right. I am from Seattle and living in Atlanta last 10 years. Big cities like nyc and Los Angeles make the news but out of control crime is everywhere. Atlanta is the most dangerous place of the many cities I visit. They are image conscious and hide crime. Let’s understand we are in this together.

  3. The term “experts” was used in this several web page presentation regarding “15 Most Dangerous Cities to Live in the US”. The “experts” have missed the most basic problem we have in the US. The most basic problem we have in the US is that we have a multitude of fool voters who continue to vote other fools back to positions of power. This phenomenon is the cause of 99+% of the problems we have today including the “15 Most Dangerous Cities to Live in the US”.

    1. When elected officials embark on campaigns to eliminate or limit the power of law enforcement, you can expect the results will be detrimental to a communities safety.

  4. This is an old list. Things are different since 2020. The country is overrun with illegal immigrants and lawlessness is everywhere with radical DA’s and mayors and governors and a White House that isn’t doing anything about it. More people living out on the streets than ever, homeless and high and using the bathroom wherever they like. People just stealing and robbing like never before. People just walking up to random people and attacking them, killing them, pushing them off subway tracks. Pure chaos and evil. Chicago, New Orleans, Portland, Seattle, New York, Philly, so many places.

  5. Well, Joe Biden keeps saying the #1 threat in America is “White Supremacy “ and we all know what group is doing the the killings, shootings, looting, assaults, robberies and it is the White Race!!!!

  6. There’s a culture of drugs, violence and lack of strong deterrents that makes cities dangerous. The predominance of this culture exits in poor black populations where survival depends on bravado and having guns to protects themselves and their drug trade if so involved. Look at the demographics of just about every dangerous city, and you’ll find a preponderance of black youth without fathers committing the majority of the crimes. Making matters worse are the cities tying the hands of law enforcement.

  7. Most, if not all of these cities are Democrat-controlled. If you elect Democrats to run your cities this is what you get. They are soft on crime. Look at NYC. AG Bragg is known for releasing violent criminals without bond. Why aren’t Chicago and NYC on the list?

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