12 Things in Your House You Should Get Rid Of RIGHT NOW!

…Are there any things you don’t actually use in your house?

Even though you might be a very organized person, like Monica Geller from “F.R.I.E.N.D.S”, there might be some moments when clutter can take control of your home.

Holding on to old clothes that don’t fit you anymore, broken pieces of jewelry, decor objects that haven’t been used in a long time, old magazines that bring you tons of memories, and so many other things.

Despite the fact that these bring you emotional value, their only meaning in your home is to make it cluttered. Besides that, they take the space you might need for new things that spark joy in your life.

If you feel like your home is full of unwanted things that you are not ready to let go of yet, we are going to convince you why you should finally give up on them! From stressing you out to making your home look like a hamster’s house, too many items can give off the impression of laziness.

If you want to feel calmer and relieved when you are walking around your home, consider taking this list into consideration and start throwing away the things that no longer serve you.

We promise that you will feel better once your house looks clean and fresh!

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1. Unwanted clothes

If you have a pair of jeans that haven’t fit you since you were in your mid-20s and your old sweater is too ugly to be worn outside of your home, do yourself a favor and get rid of those things!

There are many thrift stores and Goodwill shops that would be more than happy to take your old stuff! Clothes are usually the kind of items that we feel sorry to donate or throw away, but they tend to take up a lot of storage space!

And before you even ask, yes, the clothes you’ve been keeping for when you lose weight are in the same category!

2. Unpaired socks 

Even though there were times when socks that didn’t have a pair were fashionable, let’s leave the past where it belongs and make room for socks that have a partner!

There are many people who have a whole basket or a drawer full of unpaired socks, but they take up a lot of space, and to be honest, these items don’t look well mixed together!

3. Old sunglasses

To be honest, I am one of the people who used to have a big collection of sunglasses. Even though they weren’t suitable for me anymore and some of them were really out of style, I couldn’t get rid of them.

I’ve put all of them in a big box waiting to have the courage to throw them away. I don’t know what actually happened, but once I took them out to clean the dust out of them. I think I got rid of them, but I can’t remember.

What I can say is that I don’t miss any of them, so you can do the same! Especially if you have broken or crooked pairs!

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4. Old shoes and accessories

Even though it is easier said than done, there’s no point in saving old and worn-out shoes that don’t look good anymore or that are completely uncomfortable, and painful to walk in.

The same rule applies to accessories that don’t look good anymore, or that are broken. The best thing you can do is to get rid of them as soon as possible!

5. Old magazines and newspapers

Is there a chance that you have a box or maybe more, full of old fashion magazines and newspapers that are covered in dust? Not only do they collect dirt and bacteria, but you can’t use them anymore either.

If there is a personal or sentimental reason why you keep all of them, just get the article you want and put the others in the garbage!

6. Ancient calendars

As soon as you enter into a new year, we can say that you won’t need to keep the calendar from last year. If you have a collection of old and outdated calendars at home, now is a good time to throw them away.

As soon as it turns into a new year, it’s safe to say you won’t need your outdated calendar from last year.

7. Product manuals 

If you buy furniture from places such as Ikea, you will definitely need the product manual, so you can properly build the item. However, if your furniture is all put together, you won’t need the manual anymore.

Safe to say, you can toss all the directions you might have lying around that make your home look and feel cluttered.

8. Plastic eating utensils 

Even though you might have them for a party or from takeout food, there is no need for them to take up all the space in your kitchen. Try and get some high-quality silverware or some bamboo cutlery.

Besides that, plastic is not safe for the environment, so you’ll do something good for nature as well!

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9. Cracked dishes

Even though a tiny chip is not a big deal, it can cause problems in the long run. For example, if one of your plates has a broken part, every time you wash it, water can soak into the plate. This can leave room for bacteria to develop and grow.

Besides that, this can also create bigger damages if you use your dishes in the microwave. It is better to throw them away and get a set that is high-quality. If you still want to use the dishes that have problems, you can search for several ways to reuse them.

10. Aged electronics 

Technology is a large domain that keeps improving and this means that you no longer use broken items or things that were new many years ago.

Instead of hiding them somewhere in a cabinet, you can find a place where they can be properly recycled. You can search online to find a depot or a center in your local area, where you can get rid of the old electronics you no longer use.

11. Condiments 

We all know that condiments can make our food taste a million times better, but this doesn’t mean that you should fill up your fridge or your pantry with lots of spices.

There are many restaurants that give you packs of condiments every time you order from them, but if you don’t use them in a short period of time, there is no point in keeping those. They can expire quickly and they take away a lot of space.

12. Old toys 

Even though it might be nice to look at your children’s old toys, this is not very healthy. That is because all these things can gather dust in your house, which will make it harder for you to breathe.

For instance, if you have a teddy bear that’s been sitting somewhere in your home for a lot of years, you can feel and see that it is full of dirt and bacteria and it can make you sneeze or cough.

If these items are still in good condition, you can properly wash them and donate them to shelters or to Goodwill. We are sure that there are many kids that would be happy to receive your kids’ old toys.

…Did we convince you to spend a few hours decluttering your house? We promise you that you will feel much better once you’re done with this! 

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