Risk and Danger: 15 Most Dangerous Cities to Live In

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Understanding the Factors Behind the Most Dangerous Cities in the USA

More often, the news shows us reports about serious crimes happening on the streets, in hospitals, or even in schools. If 20 or 30 years ago this type of news were uncommon, now it is happening almost every day. People from all around the country are beginning to be more and more concerned about mass shootings, physical violence, or terrorism.

Over the years, reports have been made regarding the cities with the highest crime rates. Some of them you may have heard about, and some of them you may not even expect. That’s why you should be in the know about these dangerous cities since you may consider moving or even retiring there later on!

Surveys show that residents are becoming more and more afraid of their cities, and they tend to move to safer places. Find out the top 15 most dangerous cities in this article!

Violence is one thing that no one wants to deal with; we all want to be able to walk alone on the streets and not be afraid that someone might attack us or rob us. Being safe and feeling safe are the most important things to want when you are considering moving or just visiting a city.

Keep reading if you want to know which cities it is not recommended to move to because of their high crime rates, and let us know in the comments below if you ever heard of them before!

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