10 US Presidents EVERYBODY Hated

James_Polk.jpg: Brady, Mathew B., 1823 (ca.)-1896, photographer.derivative work: Superwikifan, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

5. James K. Polk

Polk was a very ambitious president who accomplished all his primary goals throughout his presidency, including annexing Texas and winning California for the US.

He succeeded in doing both, but at a tremendous cost: many people were killed during the Mexican-American War. Polk was also active in instilling the antebellum slave system. The former president inherited some of his slaves, but he purchased the majority of them from strangers in order to improve his own financial prospects.

When the Mexican War started in 1846, President Polk’s intentions were not to expand slavery beyond Texas but to make it secure in the states where it already existed. And this, among many others, made a lot of people hate him.

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