8 Famous People Who Disappeared Without a Trace

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8. Joe Pichler

Joe Pichler was a child actor who was well-known for his roles in When Good Ghouls Go Bad, Varsity Blues, and the Beethoven film. In order to finish school, the young man took a break from acting and was planning on returning to LA to pick up his career after his braces were removed.

In early 2006, Pichler met with some friends late at night to play cards. After this, he got into his car to drive home, but no one ever saw him again. He disappeared, but his car was strangely found abandoned with all of Pichler’s stuff left inside. According to the police report, he called one of his friends around 4 am that morning.

The friend claimed that Pichler was crying and drinking on the call. A note that could have been a suicide note was discovered, saying he wished he were a “stronger brother”. Police believed he may have jumped off a nearby bridge, but extensive searches didn’t find his body.

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3 thoughts on “8 Famous People Who Disappeared Without a Trace”

  1. A fictional film showed Hoffa’s dead body put in a woodchipper. This makes sense. I don’t think there is any question that the C.I.A. was involved with his death. The movie JFK showed that from all the science, their was a 2nd gunman. What about the controversial deaths adjacent to the Clinton family?

  2. Creetta Williams

    Strange just about Everyone of theses missing persons,water was involved. Jumping off boat , thrown off boat, jumping off bridge??? Sad , Praying for answers for the Family

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