Oops! 9 Celebs’ Worst Wardrobe Failures Caught on Camera

Photo by Jamie Lamor Thompson from shutterstock.com

7. Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson is a talented songwriter, dancer, singer, and actress, and she’s very popular for her impressive stage shows, musical talent, and innovative records. Speaking of that, the celeb really knew how to steal the show when a wardrobe failure messed with her performance.

The singer popularized the phrase “wardrobe malfunction” when Justin Timberlake mistakenly removed a portion of her outfit during her performance at Super Bowl XXXVIII in 2004. Janet Jackson wasn’t so happy the entire audience say her body and because of the halftime show, the Federal Communications Commission even sued CBS and asked the network to pay almost $600,000 in fines.

…Did you hear about this celeb’s wardrobe failure?

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