4 New York Times Best-Sellers That Might Change Your Life

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The Hunger Games – Suzanne Collins

We’ll end our list with a fiction book, as life is meant to be enjoyed as well and reading fiction can also teach us about the world and how we perceive those around us. And given the civil unrest around us and how people are more prone to revolt against dictatorships and what they perceive to be abusive systems of power, it is great to take a look at what a dystopian future could look like.

Suzanne Collins published the Hunger Games trilogy (yes, we know we are cheating here a bit, but we cannot recommend you just the first book of a series) back in 2008 and the last book of the trilogy came out in 2010. Despite it being a young adult novel, it is still an amazing read for people of all ages, and let’s be honest, it did not become a best-seller just because children loved reading it.

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