4 New York Times Best-Sellers That Might Change Your Life

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The Book Thief (cont.)

The story will soon delve into how she starts to steal more and more books from more and more dangerous situations, how she puts her talents to good use to help feed her family, and how the little makeshift family deals with hiding a Jewish man in their basement. We won’t tell you more, since you have to experience this story for yourself!

The success of this best-seller has been immense, as it is still a sought-after book despite being published in 2006. It has also gotten a movie adaptation, which was released in 2013. Despite being an adaptation, it stays true to the novel most of the time, so if you are not sure that the book is going to tickle your fancy or if you are going to be able to read about heavy topics like the Holocaust and World War II, then you can always give the movie a watch.

We still suggest you to give the best-seller a try before you only settle on watching the movie!

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