7 Times Celebrity Moms Took On A Movie Role Just To Impress Their Kids

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Even celebrity moms want their kids to think they are cool!

It may not seem like celebrity moms have much to do on the “cool” front when it comes to impressing their children. Yet, it looks like they are not that much different from the rest of us normal moms. They still want their kids to believe that they are cool and trendy, and even though being a huge Hollywood star should have that covered, it seems to not be enough for some of them.

This may just be the fact that no matter how famous your mom is, you still see her as just that. Your adoring and occasionally overbearing mother, who loves you and you love her back. So, what did some of these celebrity mothers do? They made sure to pick up some roles that would score them some brownie points with the kids!

We asked some of the most successful actresses why they chose certain roles, whether to honor their children or because they knew their children would love to see them in that role! It’s amazing what these confident ladies would do for their kids!

P.S.: The answer is, generally, their kids!

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