7 Times Celebrity Moms Took On A Movie Role Just To Impress Their Kids

Image By Denis Makarenko From Shutterstock

#3 Michelle Williams

Sometimes our children push us in directions we don’t think we want but may require. And this is exactly what pushed Michelle Williams to take the role in The Greatest Showman, especially since she later revealed that it was partially because she wanted to be able to take her daughter’s scout troop to the movies as an activity too!

Williams, who has been working on a Broadway play named Blackbird before taking this movie role, also revealed that she wanted to put down the dramatic roles for a while, and The Greatest Showman offered her this chance. When you add in the fact that she could take her children and friends to see it and have her children be proud of her, it does make a mom’s heart melt!

Not to mention, she was amazing in the role!

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