7 Times Celebrity Moms Took On A Movie Role Just To Impress Their Kids

Image By Frederic Legrand – COMEO From Shutterstock

#2 Jodie Foster

You may remember Jodie Foster from a lot of her more dramatic roles, but she has always proven to the world that she can take on a lot of different types of roles, no matter the genre and that she will give it her all in them. And as a mom, she also has the same approach as her children: she would do anything for them, and this includes making sure to take on varied roles that could have an impact on the younger generation.

The seasoned actress took on her role in the film Nim’s Island because she wanted to make sure her children saw it and felt like they could be a part of that universe, as well as accomplish what Foster’s character did in the film.

She also mentioned that she wanted to be in a movie that did not have a lot of CGI and that felt real, so we think that she definitely managed to achieve that.

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