22 Cool Items Found in Thrift Stores

Photo by FabrikaSimf from shutterstock.com

19. The funky sweater

If you are a fan of Bart Simpson, you will surely love every little piece of clothing that has his face on it. Someone wrote on Reddit that they went to a thrift store and paid $8 for a Batman sweater with Bart’s face on it.

…Would you wear something like this?

20. The Barbie Phone

“I’m a Barbie girl, in the Barbie world/ Life in plastic, it’s fantastic”, as an old song from Aqua says. This is exactly the vibe that a pink phone someone bought gives.

This person loves to collect pink stuff, so no wonder that they were over the moon when they saw this beautiful girly phone on the shelf of a store.

21. The writer’s autograph¬†

If you love to read and if your favorite writer is Ernest Hemingway, I have some news for you. Someone posted on the Internet that they found an old book that was signed by the writer himself. They bought it at a yard sale for only a couple of bucks. What a chance!

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  1. The local thrift store started to sell electronics. I went in and saw what I thought was a single walkie talkie sitting on a table. I picked it up and checked it out. Turns out it was a digital police scanner… price tag on it was $3.99! Of course I bought it, put fresh batteries in it and when I turned it on I heard the weather report as clear as a bell. The cheapest I could find the radio on EBAY was for $299! Most offered for sale was around $350! Now, that’s a bargan!!

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