7 Grocery Items That Are Unbelievably Unhealthy

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What if your favorite chips that you buy on a weekly basis would have a big written label on them that said: “ultra-processed”? Would you still buy ’em? You’ve definitely heard by now that whole food, such as fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and whole grains, are way better than anything else, especially when so many other options out there are proven to be so unhealthy.

However, so many aisles in grocery stores are still dedicated to hundreds if not even thousands of pre-packaged, alluring “food” items (and I put food in quotes because it doesn’t have any nutritional value whatsoever).

In other countries, like Chile, Uruguay, and Israel, different warning labels have been implemented for products that are high in fat, sugar, saturated fat, and even calories. I seriously doubt that this will happen anytime soon in America too.

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