Is Messi’s Transfer to Inter Miami That Good? Here’s What You Should Know

Messi's transfer
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Impact on Inter Miami, on and off the field

Ever since the team was formed, Inter Miami’s stated goal has been to become one of the best global brands in the world. The presence of Beckham got them very close to that, but the club didn’t gain enough success on the field to become a major player, especially when it comes to international relevance.

As it turns out, Messi will bring a ton of international relevance. All eyes will be on Miami from the moment Messi steps foot, instantly vaulting the team to the top of North America’s hierarchy.

If you’re wondering how the on-field fit will be, rest assured. Messi will instantly become the best player in MLS, even if there are some major adjustments he will have to make. Like many stars before him, he will have to deal with travel, heat, and a busy summer schedule.

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