7 Viral Celebrities Who Lost Their Fortunes

lindsay lohan
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5. Lindsay Lohan: IRS Debit and Bad Reputation

Unfortunately, Lindsay Lohan is one of the best examples of how fame can have devastating effects on someone’s life. The actress started her career early and rose to fame shortly after playing in “The Parent Trap” as a kid and in “Mean Girls” and “Freaky Friday” as a young adult.

While she was becoming increasingly famous, Lohan developed a bad reputation for being difficult to work with. She was even admonished once by film executive James G. Robinson, whose production company produced Lohan’s 2007 movie “Georgia Rule.”

Although the young actress was making a fortune through her work as a model, recording artist, and actress, Lohan’s personal and legal troubles eroded a great part of her net worth. In 2012, the IRS seized her bank account due to unpaid tax bills.

The actress was very close to declaring bankruptcy at that point, and today she has a fortune of $800,000.

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