10 Incredible Body Features That You May Have

rare body features
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Do you have one of these rare body features?

There are some rare body features that only a few people across the globe have. After all, human beings are a particularly unique species, despite the fact that there are nearly 9 million species on the planet.

“Obviously, we share some common characteristics [with apes],” said Ian Tattersall, an expert in paleoanthropology, “We have similarities with many things in nature; it would be surprising if we didn’t. But we should look at the differences as well.”

From the ability to produce art to cooperation skills, people are, by definition, unique. But we aren’t just different from other species. In fact, no two people are alike.

Despite a global population of over 7 billion folks, each individual has an entirely unique face. Your body is also different from mine. So we are all unique.

However, some people are more unique or especially extraordinary on a biological level. From heightened senses to extra body parts, these are some of the most uncommon features that very few people have.

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