8 Most Scandalous Things Walmart Employees Witnessed

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The constant rudeness

There’s one Wisconsin-based Walmart employee who told Business Insider that the worst thing he had to deal with while working at the store was the “customer attitude”. Another employee took to Reddit all the way back in 2016 to complain and notice how rude people are.

“They bring way too many items into the express lane because of some weird sense of entitlement.” In fact, he described how one time there was a customer who “pounded his fist on the counter as loud and hard as he could and screamed at us ‘Come on, man, hurry the f– up.’

And I was just trying to unroll a roll of dimes so I can give him his change. He was only buying corn dogs from the deli place.” Another customer hit them with a pack of cigarettes. “I remember laying the box on the counter, and him picking them up, and throwing them at me, hitting me in the chest.

Then, he said: ‘I said Gold, moron.'” While these encounters were isolated incidents, it’s still hard to believe how some people are still allowed to enter stores such as Walmart.

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